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A seat at the table [Nov. 1st, 2009|08:41 am]
The Broken Clockwork Soldier
[Current Location |Bachelor Officer Quarters, Camp Barrett]
[mood |relievedrelieved]

This last week was fairly boring but high tension at the same time. At TBS the classes start with 300 Marines, We had 330 between guys reporting in and guys who were already here. During the first two weeks they have to sort out who gets trained and who has to wait for another company to pick up. I was particularly worried as I am not nearly as healthy or as physically fit as most of the other officers here. This last week the major event was the Physical Fitness Test, I scored high enough to be eligible to train, but I felt that I was on the lower end of the score range.

However, I am a decent swimmer and last week I qualified high enough to graduate the course where as they had plenty of guys who did not. None the less, I was nervous all Thursday and part of Friday until they announced who would go on to train in Alpha company and who would marinate in Mike Company for another two months till they get another chance in Bravo Company.

From what I hear, being in Mike company isn't that bad, Other than periodic work details they really do not have much for you to do, so you spend your days exercising, doing martial arts, and working on what ever you needed to improve to train. My roommate got dropped because he wasn't a strong enough swimmer and he was off and drunk by 1500. Where it gets demotivating for Marines is that you are in a holding pattern. The Basic Officer Course takes 6 months to complete and while you are in Mike company that 6 months does not start. If you get sent back to Mike company during the BOC you often have to reset the six months and start over again. Additionally, you don't know what kind of guys are checking in the next time around. So you may have a bigger and more qualified group check in the next time. For example the next few classes are guys coming straight from Officer Candidate School, so they will have been exercising for 10 weeks straight and in excellent shape and up to speed on many of the things covered in our review exams.

I was afraid I wasn't going to pick up and then I was going to have to spend two months here waiting for another chance and currently when I call and talk to fireflychasing I have plenty of days happenings to tell her. It would have sucked if I had to make the call and tell her that I got pwned and would be marking time for two months. Hell, its been two weeks and I am losing my mind.

My fears were groundless, my contact in the Company office laughed at me, she said I was solidly in the zone. So now instead of worrying about things I can't control, I spend my time exercising, studying for the classes and getting my gear ready.

The company got reshuffled so in addition to the people that got dropped from our platoon, Our platoon roster changed, Then I had the most fun I have had since I got here. The squad leaders got to have a draft to pick squads. We did a round robin, made trades, did a bit of arguing all with the Platoon commander as the ref. I had to lose two picks in order to get the ROK Marine in our platoon, my dad and other squadmates think I made a good call. Also I got my squad a series of rooms in the hallway that can receive wireless internet from the lounge, so we are hooked up all the way around.

I had alot to say when it felt like I didn't do much this week. Monday the real fun begins, uniform inspections and initial interviews.

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2009-11-09 11:39 am (UTC)
Oh hi there
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